What Is a Sugar Daddy?

I'm sure you've heard the term "sugar daddy" before, but it's actually a new term for rich older men who spoil beautiful young women with gifts, money, travel and more in exchange for companionship. For those who think this sounds like an exchange game, it's actually a bit misleading.

What is sugar?

In the past, people were still biased against the word sugar, but with the rise and popularity of sugar dating websites, sugar daddy and sugar baby also came into people's eyes. Sugar relationships may be older men seeking to arrange relationships with younger girls. Usually, boys are older than girls and girls are younger and more beautiful than boys. It's basically rich men who want to share their money with this beautiful girl in exchange for her company. All a man does is buy a girl a gift, take her on a trip, pay her bills, or take her to the spa.

Basically, in a sugar relationship, the man will spoil the girl into a princess, in return, the girl will give her time to accompany him. Girls who are doted on by sugar daddies are called sugar babies. While these relationships may seem strictly financial in nature, it's not uncommon for a real relationship or love to come from sugar daddies and sugar babies.

What does the sugar world do?

Basically, in the world of sugar we can see sugar fathers paying some bills, buying gifts, clothes and so on for their babies. As you slowly climb the ladder as a sugar baby, you'll get more expensive gifts like jewelry and handbags, travel to exotic and fun places, and even pay more bills. We've heard stories of sugar daddies helping their sugar babies pay off their college debt. Meanwhile, sugar babies will spend their time and energy with sugar daddy, accompany him on business trips, and entertain him when his job goes badly. In a word, sugar relationship is to satisfy each other's needs.


Are sugar relationships exclusive? It really depends on the arrangement between sugar daddy and sugar baby. But for most sugar daddies, they want an exclusive relationship because they don't want to share their sugar babies with other sugar daddies. For such sugar daddies, they will also be willing to spend more money on sugar babies. If your relationship involves physical intimacy, an exclusive arrangement is best for both parties.


Most people have questions about whether girls will be asked to have sex in order to receive gifts and money from sugar daddies. In fact, the answer is no. There is no need for such a thing to happen. If there were, we would call it prostitution. So does that mean there's no sex involved? Also is not. In the real world of a sugar relationship, sugar babies are attracted to wealthy older sugar dads, who enjoy being spoiled as princesses and are willing to give something back. And it's certainly possible that some of those things might include intimate sexual relationships, but that's what they're willing to do, not what sugar daddies ask for. So it's up to the sugar babies to decide whether or not sex will be involved.

How do I get involved in sugar relationships?

Whether you're looking for a serious date with a rich guy or a sugar fix with some rich older guy, the Internet is your best bet. There are a number of dating sites out there dedicated to helping you find your ideal relationship, and there are professional sugar daddies out there dedicated to helping you find your sugar daddy or sugar baby. If you're ready to start a sugar relationship, take a look at SugarDaddyMeet.com, a professional website we recommend that pioneered in 2007. The site includes a large number of sugar babies and sugar daddies, and is free for sugar babies, so we strongly recommend you take advantage of this!

Some people think sugar daddies are unhealthy. Some people just like sugar for its mutual benefit. In any case, the sugar relationship has become popular, and there is nothing wrong with mutually beneficial arrangements. In short, do what you want and you have the right to decide if you want to start a sugar relationship.