What If Your Sugar Baby Is Too Busy For You?

Entering the sugar bowl is an exciting experience, but it usually takes a while to find a sugar baby. Then, you finally find the perfect sugar baby through your efforts, you start dating her, and everything seems to be going well. Yes, you really hit it off, physical chemistry does exist, but now, it's been a few weeks, you haven't even seen her once because she's always busy. Every time you try to ask her out, she has a full schedule. So how do you date a sugar baby who has almost no free time? What should you do?

First, what's interesting about this question is that the answer lies within the question itself. What will you do if she is too busy? Because she's too busy for you, you can't do anything to her because she's really not there. She's not in your life. So don't waste your life. Move on, you have your own life, you can go out with others and develop new hobbies. Whatever you do, you have the right to choose.

Let me break it down for you: for those who are "too busy for you," there is a simple truth. It's not that they don't have time, it's that the time they can give you is limited and they can only see the people they're really interested in. Whatever the reason, it's a side-effect of how you might not qualify as a sugar daddy. Because you're not attractive enough to her, she won't make time for you. But that doesn't mean you're a bad person, or anything, or that you're unattractive, which may not be the reason for you. Don't take it to heart, because values are relative. Some girls think you're the best guy. Find that girl, find someone valuable to you, her time is all yours.

But maybe, in fact, she seems really busy. Maybe she was a secret agent with a cupcake shop, or maybe her mother died of a rare fungus that can't be cured. Maybe you had a coffee date but her car exploded and she had to cancel. Maybe she had food poisoning and didn't have dinner with you. This is entirely understandable.

Not at all. All this is nonsense, or can be overcome. If she is interested in you, she will come to see you. She'll find a way. Think about it. Is there anyone on earth who really doesn't have time to meet another person? Not at all. No man or woman. Unless they're in solitary confinement. I'm just going to assume that the person you're dating isn't in jail for third-degree murder. She was just a beautiful young woman with a lot of things to do. Many things don't include you.

It is true that the pace of life nowadays is so fast that many people don't have much time.But if they want to see you, they'll at least give you some time.Maybe her lunch break is only 30 minutes, but if she wants to see you, she'll give you 30 minutes.Or you might have a nice, different night, and the next day she'll come to work exhausted, but she'll still be happy, because spending time with you is actually the most important thing.

This sugar baby may not put you first because she is hinting that she is no longer interested in you. She is afraid to tell you directly, so she chooses this way.After all, many men are cowards who lose their tempers when told they are unattractive or just not right for them.So, she's worried that there's actually a high degree of emotional risk in rejecting you outright.Similarly, breaking up after you've dated someone a few times can be very dramatic.She wants to give you a hint, and she wants you to take it.

Like me, I had previously met a young, fun, energetic sugar baby on SugarDaddyMeet, more attractive because she was elusive.We flirted on the website for a few weeks before I finally got a date.In my opinion, it was a great date.After an interesting and interesting conversation, we made out in a nearby alley. Second date, great.But, apart from that, she is always busy.We made an appointment, but she called it off.Or she would ask me to come back with her as soon as she got her schedule, and then she would mysteriously work all the time when I was free.Because I was hopelessly naive, young and stupid, I didn't know what had happened.I've been texting her for two months.Although I went out with some other girls, I was still a little absent-minded because I was waiting for her.However, when I went out with a few friends and saw her at the local bar, my whole perspective changed.She wasn't too happy to see me because she was dating another man.She introduced me, as awkwardly as possible, as her "friend" and said "nice to meet you" after two seconds of conversation.

So, what she calls "busy" is actually busy dating other men or otherwise having fun.It's almost overwhelming.Now, it feels like a big deal.After six months, when you date someone completely different, who likes you, you really want to spend time with you, who won't.So get over it.Move on with your life.Unless you keep peppering this girl's news until you happen to meet her, she's so bored that she wants to be with you.But this is a terrible, desperate life, and you shouldn't have to live it.So, I suggest you pick yourself up and look for new and worthwhile sugar relationships!


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