What Does Sugar Daddies Want From Sugar Babies -- 5 qualities?

What does sugar daddy want from sugar baby? Maybe it's something you've been wondering about and you've even spent hours searching for answers online, but now you don't need them. Because, through our survey of tons of sugar daddy-sugar baby dating websites, we found seven qualities sugar daddies want from sugar babies -- all based on scientific research and what real men say. Read on to learn more about why sugar daddies crave each trait. As you read, think about whether and how you have each trait, and consider how you can reinforce them.

1. Be emotionally stable
Emotionally stable women are dependable, able to overcome trivial and dramatic events, and have a stable emotional response. They don't lose their temper when life doesn't go their way; if they send a message and the sugar daddy doesn't reply after 30 minutes, they don't text him to say "it's over." They are not passive or insecure; instead, they understand that he has his own life and other passions, commitments, and interests outside the relationship.

So, for sugar baby, your emotional stability is a must, because he will surely find your emotional outbursts or unstable, vulnerable behavior like a roller coaster of exhaustion, frustration and confusion. Unfortunately, if you are emotionally unstable, he may worry about not being able to trust or rely on you.

How to maintain emotional stability: use coping techniques to manage your emotions
Understanding how your emotions are affected by others, and identifying what triggers your highs and lows. No one wants to feel like they're on thin ice around you, or upset you. In fact, it would break his heart. Stay emotionally stable and use coping techniques to better manage your emotions. If you find yourself prone to uncontrolled crying, mood swings, or feeling emotionally out of control, seek professional help.

2. The ability to attract each other
In order to turn a casual sugar arrangement into an exclusive relationship, you must both be interested in each other. In order for a relationship to last, mutual attraction and love must exist. Love is complex and indescribable. You may ask yourself if you really know what love is, or if you are aware that it is right in front of you. The experience of love varies from person to person, but loving relationships contain similar qualities such as respect, self-sacrifice, compromise, intimacy, love, compassion, security, and connection.

How to express mutual attraction and love: give him visual and physical cues
Communicate, communicate, and communicate! Be conscious in your interactions and don't become addicted to the game. While you may not be ready to tell him explicitly that you like him, give him some hints so he won't be confused. Make eye contact, flirt, touch him, enjoy your moment, or increase your chemistry. When you're together, give him your full attention and focus on getting to know him. Build your foundation where it will naturally grow and find ways to express love and affection to him.

3. Kindness
Science shows that kindness is one of the most important factors in long-term relationships. Being kind to yourself and others has positive benefits for your mental health and relationships. Science has shown that doing well can have positive side effects. It not only deepens the bonds between people, but it is also contagious, with knock-on effects. The attraction of kind sugar babies to sugar daddies is predictable, but did you know that men are more attracted to kind women? In fact, men are more likely to be attracted to women who are kind and attentive, traits that deepen sexual desire.

How to be a kind person: listen and show appreciation
Being kind is easy. All you have to do is smile, listen, compliment, thank and appreciate your date or partner. When planning an appointment, take into account his time, money and location, and don't assume he should always pay or make plans near your home. While he may want to court you, treat you, and take you out, he still wants you to be grateful, kind, helpful, and willing to compromise.

4. A sense of humor
Sugar daddies love sugar babies who appreciate their sense of humor. Men prefer women who can make them laugh at their jokes over women who can make them laugh, according to a study.

How to have a sense of humor: use laughter to flirt
Whether your sugar daddy is naturally funny, or just USES humor to approach you or impress you, if you find him funny, smile. This works for both of you because if you laugh, he will find you sexier and you can use it to flirt and build intimacy.

5. The IQ
According to a national online survey conducted by hart research, 72 percent of men think a woman's IQ is important. Naturally, men want to avoid a boring conversation with a woman whose IQ isn't online. They are only attracted to intelligent women who engage in stimulating, interesting conversations and activities.

Now, the definition of intelligence has expanded to include seven different degrees of intelligence that we all possess (good news!). Whether you are creative, analytical, intuitive, witty, smart, practical or insightful, you are smart. You may be better at interpersonal communication (the ability to get along with others) than logical or mathematical thinking, or visual thinking than verbal thinking.

How to display intelligence: highlight your unique 'intelligence'
Thinking of yourself as a smart person is a way to expand your knowledge and abilities. Don't ask yourself, "am I really smart? Instead, ask yourself, "how smart am I? Over time, you'll become more aware of abilities or skills you may have overlooked.

Show your sugar daddy your unique "smarts" and show him something that demonstrates your natural strengths and charisma. Also, ask him to teach you a thing or two and try something new on your date that will spark his wisdom. Swap a bar for a museum, a movie for a horse ride, or a concert for a mini golf, depending on your IQ as a couple.

Anyway, trying to be someone you're not is never going to work out and make a real connection in order to get the sugar daddy's attention. Your best bet is to be authentic, imperfect, and continue to improve as a person and partner. I'm sure you can go further and further down sugar daddy's dating path.