Useful Tips To Help Avoid Scammers On The Sugar Dating Site!

Scammers are everywhere, exploiting people's weaknesses -- fear, prejudice, and deep insecurities. It's no surprise that online dating sites are an area where scam is rampant. With the rise of online dating, people tend to fall in love with avatars before they meet the person behind them. Basically, crooks have hit gold mines.

According to a survey, Americans lost $143 million to online dating scams by 2018, making digital dating scams a major source of fraud in contemporary American life in terms of raw money. So, as a potential online sugar dater, what can you do in this situation other than throw your digital device in the trash? As it turns out, the following rules of thumb will make you far less likely to be cheated, let alone lose money. Here's what you need to know about online sugar dating scammers:

How do online scammers operate
Scammers use the virtual world of the Internet to create an illusion, thus inducing people to fall for it. At the heart of the online sugar dating scam is the idea that people are now ready and willing to connect emotionally with people they have never met, often just by sending photos, direct messages, emails and text messages. They don't have to communicate face to face, so they can hide themselves well.

While meeting people online is common, dating strangers is always risky. You may end up contacting someone with a fake profile who is more interested in cheating you than building a relationship with you. Their ultimate goal? It is economic profit for certain, say again popular point, most is to cheat money cheat color.

Cyber crooks will soon 'fall in love' and start asking for wire tickets, family emergencies and so on. Once the money is in place, however, they will continue to demand more -- or disappear altogether. While this can happen to people of any age, gender, race or sexual orientation, there are certain characteristics of fraud against men.

Male swindlers often prey on women who are looking for love. A common tactic is that they are the first to text a woman. Their profiles are often filled with fake pictures of rich people, so you'd think he was a real rich sugar daddy.

What should you pay attention to
If you don't know how to spot a sugar daddy, you can't avoid him. So, to help you solve this problem, here are some common signs you can take a look at when it comes to online dating scammers. Make sure you can spot the con artists' schemes.

They ask you for money
That's for sure, most crooks are out to get money. Everything they say or do when they communicate with you is just a step towards their ultimate goal of stealing your money -- that's the definition of online dating fraud. If your online date asks you for money, it's a big red flag, especially if you're in the early stages and have never met in person. Scammers often make up outrageous stories, asking you for money on behalf of a sick relative, a short-term loan to pay the rent, or a trip if they run into a thief on a business trip. But some people are more calculating and patient, waiting until they believe you're emotionally invested in the relationship before asking for money.

Sure, a request for money is likely to be true, but if you've never met in person, it's likely to be a hoax, no matter how real your relationship is. Better be careful.

They avoid making phone calls, video chats and taking photos
They may avoid talking to you on the phone or video, or even once. Because they may not usually be the person in the picture, they are afraid that you will find out the truth. This means that phone calls are often left out and video chats almost certainly don't happen.

While it is normal to feel a little nervous about someone who has been chatting online for months, it is not normal to avoid video chat at all costs. Scammers usually set a time to call, but don't answer when it's time to call. Their excuses range from reasonable to unbelievable (like they were mugged and missed the call). If this has happened several times, be extra careful. Getting them to send photos is tricky, too, because their profile photos on sugar dating sites or apps are fake. They may be happy to send fake photos on their own terms, but if you ask them to do something specific in the photo, they may refuse because they may not have any fake photos that fit their actions.

They don't meet in person
If you find that your date refuses to meet you, there's something wrong. Of course, this doesn't mean that anyone who doesn't want to meet is a liar, nor does it mean that every liar will refuse to meet -- but the two often go hand in hand.

Be careful if they don't want to see you, especially if they say they're going on a business trip and don't have time to see you. There's a reason cheaters don't want to talk face to face. If they're cheating on you, they'll come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid the meeting: work, family illness, too far away to travel, or perhaps a Shared custody situation. Also, they don't turn you down outright, they give you hope. You might make an appointment to meet at a certain time, but he'll suddenly tell you that they need to leave because of a canceled flight or a sudden change in plans. Once or twice this may be true, but if you do it too often, you need to be on your guard.

They force you to switch to email
While it's normal for a sugar dating website or app to require you to move to a more personal conversation, such as texting or e-mailing, it's part of their strategy to force you to switch to email sooner rather than later.

Scammers don't like to stay on dating sites because it means your attention isn't entirely focused on them, and there are so many great people out there waiting for you. He's afraid you'll run away. If you're on a dating site, it means you're talking to other people and less likely to give them your full attention. Another reason they want to leave the site is that they are sending messages to hundreds of other users who might report them and then kick them off the site. So, scammers often ask for a change to email.