Non-sexual Things That Sugar Babies Find Very Attractive!

Do you know what sugar babies want before you start joining the sugar daddy dating site to date a sugar baby? This is a question that many people are still thinking about. "Women are inscrutable" or "incomprehensible" is a concept that male culture still holds in many ways today. As for sugar daddies, they rarely seem to ask sugar babies this question (in a way, it's almost rhetorical) -- there's often a considerable disconnect between what sugar daddies think sugar babies want and what sugar babies really want.

Today, we surveyed some of the sugar babies from the sugar daddy meet website about their views on cousin attraction, not just traditional sex. The results were shocking because most of the things they mentioned were very basic and easy to implement... If you're willing to put in a little effort. In fact, you don't even need to be a billionaire playboy to be sexy. Here are some relatively easy ways to become attractive:

Have a slight advantage
You can close your eyes and imagine sugar baby's dream sugar daddy. No matter what he looks like (admittedly, he might at least be a little handsome), he's a really nice guy. He CARES about things, he's polite, and you don't hesitate to introduce him to anyone.

But, you may ask, "what about the bad boys?" In a man's culture, women love the bad boy, secretly hoping to get knocked down by some macho jerk on a motorcycle. This may not be entirely true, but it is not 100 per cent false. To be a good man with a little advantage is the true ideal. It doesn't mean you shoplift or push people away. Instead, it's like being able to drive with one hand on the steering wheel, having a sense of humor, rolling up your sleeves when you get dirty, making constant eye contact, or dressing up even when you don't need it.

Be Responsible
Men need to be in charge in any relationship. However, different expressions of responsibility drive women crazy. This is a bit sad, because it means that the average man is definitely not qualified to be a mature adult, but as soon as you take one small step towards maturity, you will instantly become sexier to women. What does that include, you might ask? Well, it's not just making pasta, paying her bills on time, or offering to give her gifts. It's great if you get along well with your sugar babies, but as a responsible sugar daddy, you have to be fully committed and responsible for them, and you can't date several sugar babies at the same time.

Be thoughtful
There is no one but likes a thoughtful person. Caring is more about action than words. It turns out that sugar babies prefer considerate sugar daddies. They like sugar daddies who plan ahead and ask them out and stick to it. They like sugar daddies who actually order dinner. They love the sugar daddy who opens the car door for them. They also like sugar daddies who respond to text messages.

Once you're considerate in a sugar relationship, such as watching a TV show together on a TV binge, or taking care of your sugar baby when they're sick (say, making soup unasked), it's a long way off to help you identify your "dream boyfriend" status. It's all sexy behavior for sugar babies.

Be generous
As a sugar daddy, you should be generous in the first place. Generosity is kindness on steroids. If you're Kind, you're being Kind. Generosity means giving, and it's really about trying to make someone else's life better. Donate to charity (or your time)? Generous. Hold the door open for someone or help the old man cross the street? Generous. Give flowers (to loved ones and others) instead of valentine's day, birthdays or anniversaries without expecting anything? Generosity. Give more for your sugar baby, not just to take, this is generous.

Respect and accept others
When it comes to respecting and accepting others, you should not be a sexist or racist, but respect others. This is also very commendable. Sugar babies seem to really like a sugar daddy who's edgy and manly enough. When you let sugar babies talk to you and listen to you, they notice -- and yes, they find it sexy. If you're taught to occupy space, brag, and act tough to get a woman's attention, it might sound strange, but man, that's not good advice.

Sugar babies are easily attracted by the kind, happy and easy-going sugar daddy. This includes being nice to strangers, to service people (hint: be nice to waiters), to your family and friends, and to behave naturally around animals. Of course, it's not just about being a dad or having a dog. This means treating others with respect, even if they are not as smart or powerful as you are, and being humble with anyone.

Be curious
Most sugar babies can't resist a curious sugar daddy. They find it really sexy when the sugar daddy is curious about them -- asking them how their day went, asking the people around them, or asking them what they can do to make them happy. In short, sugar babies want a sugar daddy to listen to them. Really listen, internalize it, and then ask. This is an easy thing to do.

Good health
Sugar daddies are mostly rich, older men, because there are physical problems with age. Sugar babies are young, energetic women, so they want their sugar daddy to be healthy. When you take care of your body, you look and feel good, and it shows. These include basic requirements such as healthy eating, regular shaving and bathing, not drinking too much alcohol or drugs, keeping back muscles strong, and an eternal truth: read more! This will basically exercise your brain.

While there are few people who embody all of these traits, I don't believe there is anyone who does not possess one of them. And the good news? Almost all of these are things you can strive for. If you are considerate, understanding, curious (just a little rebellious), if you think about jay for others, if you take care of yourself, you won't have any trouble finding a sugar baby to start the sugar journey with. So go for it now!