How to Tell If a Sugar Daddy Is For Sex Not Love?

As a new sugar baby, you've finally found a sugar daddy of your own on some dating sites dedicated to sugar babies. At first you think you are attracted to this man, but slowly you find yourself looking for signs that he only wants sex. You want to know if there is no possibility of a relationship before you get too involved. Because the last thing you want is to fall in love with a sugar daddy who's obsessed with sex. Am I right?

So does your current sugar daddy want a relationship or just sex? We all know this: all men love sex and want it. Maybe the sugar daddy in front of you thought about having sex with you 20 times a day before he dated you. Although it sounds scary to you, it's not a bad thing that he wants to sleep with you. It's just that if he just wants to sleep with you, and once he does, he's done with you, then you're in trouble.

Since you're here, I guess you're looking for love, and you want to avoid a sugar daddy who just wants sex. Still, these sex-only sugar daddies exist, so knowing that he just wants signs of sex can help you avoid a lot of heartache and headaches. Don't worry, sugar babies. I'm going to help you read that he's just trying to have sex, so you can decide what to do.

He's always making excuses not to be with your friends
If you think you're really dating this person, you'll naturally want to introduce him to your friends. But every time you make plans to let him meet your friend, he always has all kinds of excuses. It may have been a temporary notification that he was ill (though it wasn't); perhaps his friends were coming to play with him (though they weren't); it may be that he is going on a business trip this weekend.

In short, if he keeps preventing you from introducing him to your friend, take it as one of the signs that he's just trying to have sex. He didn't want to do anything that smacked of "boyfriend." Meeting a friend shows that you are a couple and he certainly doesn't want to talk to them or you.

He only texts you when he wants to hook up
Think about the last time your sugar daddy texted you or had sex. What time is it? If he's just showing signs of wanting to have sex, I bet he's texting you late at night and not too far from the last time he had sex.

What text did he send? Did he ask you about your day? Tell you about his life today? Share something funny? Maybe none of these, just simpler are you at home? What do you do? Is it convenient now? A sugar daddy who won't talk to you via text (or even on the phone) and only beckons when he needs you is not boyfriend material. If you reply to his late-night texts every time, you're just allowing him to continue. Remember, the next time he texts to hook up, ignore him. You deserve better.

He pays too much attention to your appearance
You should have seen his warning when he first texted you on damn girl, your curves are so sexy! While you may feel flattered at the time, you actually want him to talk about your heart and intellect more than your appearance. Still, you think a compliment is a compliment. I know that every woman loves to be complimented, but if he only focuses on your body, he won't get to know you better or be interested in a long-term relationship. He's more attracted to your hot body than he is to sex.

You only give him what he wants
You also need to see if the problem is with you. If you give him what he wants and give him the sex he wants, how can you be upset that he only wants sex?

To make your sugar daddy commit, he needs something from you that he can't get anywhere else. Sex, he can find almost anywhere. Do you have a unique personality? Not really. If you've been complaining that he didn't commit to you outside of your bed, look at interdependence theory and see why. The theory is that people's commitment to their partner depends on how dependent they are on their partner. What makes a man depend on you? It's not just sex! If he gets a lot of benefits without spending a lot of money, he will rely on you. He may not be able to better meet his needs elsewhere. He may have invested time, emotion and energy in you.

If that doesn't happen, you have no reason to make him feel responsible and want to build a relationship with you. If you want more, make sure you give more, instead of telling others that humanity is most important to you.

He is very sociable and surrounded by women
If you want a sugar daddy commitment and he just wants to have sex with as many people as possible, ask yourself if that's ok. A scientific study has revealed something interesting: when women are plentiful, men are more likely to want sex. When women are in short supply, men are more likely to commit. So if your sugar daddy is surrounded by a lot of women (a lot of women friends, a lot of women friends at parties), he probably doesn't take commitment to heart. Then he's not your sugar daddy.

Now, of course, a man who is willing to commit to a real relationship with you should leave at least some of the women he's been with. If you see a sugar daddy on a dating site and all his pictures show him surrounded by beautiful women, assume he's just showing a sign that he wants sex. Go around them.

If, after reading this article, you suddenly realize that your sugar daddy just wants sex. What should you do next? If you're just trying to hook up, that's not a problem. You both got what you wanted from each other. However, if you are a sugar baby who wants to commit, you may feel hurt by it. But honey, instead of continuing to sleep with this guy and secretly trying to win his heart, you might as well cut him off and find a sugar daddy who's willing to start a real, open relationship, one who's willing to give you his word.

Anyway, there are so many professional sugar baby dating websites on the Internet, are you still afraid of not finding your sugar daddy? Try it!