How to Hunt To a Sugar Daddy by 6 Simple Steps?

There seems to be some misunderstanding about older sugar daddies dating younger sugar babies. The biggest problem is that most people probably think that sugar daddies are only interested in young sugar babies, and they just want to find young sexy sugar babies to build a sugar relationship.

Step 1. Do research in advance

Most potential sugar cans give you a phone number, and if you call, you should even know his name. Then you can reverse the investigation and find their specific information. It's very useful to do general Google checks to learn more about their background and sugar daddy's statistics. You will be able to immediately discover if the potential sugar daddy uses a pseudonym or is a scammer. As long as you study in advance, you can save a lot of time.

Step 2. Make a phone conversation

In addition to sending you a message on the Internet, there is another way to call your potential sugar daddy and have a phone conversation. Although this is much more troublesome than simply sending a message, there is no better way to establish a connection with the glycocalyx. In addition, one of the advantages of electronic conversation is that it allows you to easily judge a person through the conversation of the other party.

Step 3. Create compelling emails

If you want to grab your potential sugar daddy, you need to do some preparation in advance. On most sugar dating sites, there are more sugar babies than sugar daddies. Sugar gems receive a lot of emails every day, and you may be overwhelmed. So make sure your email is different. Humor is the best way, if you can make him laugh, you may become the person who is eating with him.

Stay away from standard emails, such as "Hey, I’m glad to meet you, I also like to travel!" and ask some embarrassing questions.

Step 4. Organization record

Maybe you never thought about organizing and recording something important in the process of finding a sugar daddy. But you know, the process of finding a sugar daddy is long and arduous. Once you start searching, you are likely to be overwhelmed by a lot of information, so that you can't remember who is who, after all, there are so many potential online sugar daddy.

So stopping the record is really a great way, although it looks a bit stupid, you'd better use a simple notebook or spreadsheet to write down the name of the candy you are interested in, phone, address, and you may encounter their place. Believe us, this is especially useful because when you first search, you want to cast the network as widely as possible, then use the best options to zoom out. If you don't organize it actively, you will let most of the sugar slip away because you can't track who is who.

Step 5. Clear weeds

When you have invested a lot of nets on the sugar daddy dating site and have access to a lot of potential sugar, it's time to do some work to clear the weeds. First, you need to clear those unpopular sugar daddies and those who show the tendency of fake sugar daddies. Then you will be clear about those who are not interested in you, and then concentrate most of your energy on the best sugar dadies.

Step 6. First date

The first date with the sugar daddy can be full of possibilities and unknowns. Sugar babies may feel very nervous, but don't put too much pressure on yourself and be as real as possible. I believe that sugar daddies all like real sugar baby. Maybe your first date will be able to successfully hunt a sugar daddy? Look for it with your heart.

Before that, look at the red flags for the sugar daddy scammers to ensure that you avoid the fake sugar daddy!