How to Handle a Bad Sugar Date?

Bad sugar dates suck - most sugar babies and sugar daddies have been there. If you're single, you might have some bad dates in the future, but not necessarily as bad as the Internet and your friends suggest. Everything has its pros and cons, and you can learn a lot from a bad sugar date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby and even turn it into a net gain for you. Let's discuss some tips on how to avoid, handle, and learn from bad dates.

Don't tolerate bad behavior
It's good to try and salvage a date, but don't put up with bad behavior. Just because you say yes to a date doesn't mean you have an obligation to stay here forever. If a person behaves badly, you have the right to leave. If your date is rude or otherwise awful, you don't have to stay. It's not good if she upbraids your hobbies or just bad-mouths all her exes. A lot of times, people get bored and cynical about dating, especially as they get older. It could leak into the conversation, and it's not sexy at all.

At other times, they may have a bad habit that no one has warned them about, and the bad habit will get worse and worse. If you feel uncomfortable or feel like you're being attacked in some way, don't feel guilty about leaving.

End the date early
If you decide you can never be with this person, you can end the date early. There are many ways to do this -- from having your friends call you and say "emergency," to spooking a date by talking about stalking your ex, to detailing your surgery and recovery. When sugar daddies look at their watches, it means they don't want to date anymore, so you can just tell your date that you're not interested in going home.

If you are in trouble, be honest
Sometimes talking about dating difficulties can make dating better. If you both have awkward conversations, you both know it. This creates an elephant feeling in the room where you are both trying to avoid embarrassment. If you keep trying to avoid embarrassment, it will only make things worse. Being honest about how awkward a date can be for you can ease the tension.

Say something like, "I'm sorry. I'm really nervous. I haven't dated lately and I really enjoy talking to you. Let's take a break from boring work and talk about something interesting. It relieves tension, makes you giggle, and refreshes you the night after your practice session.

Use this opportunity to practice your dating skills
If you're dating someone you just met and you don't want to see him or her a second time, you can find some fun here. If you really like them and want to see them again, you might shy away from certain topics, not delve into some issues, or make sure you don't drink too much. If you know you don't want to see them again, you are not afraid to fail.

Even if you're on a bad date, you can still practice your conversational skills. Use this to practice your dating skills and have some fun at the same time. Ask every weird question you want to ask, drink a glass of whiskey at the table, suggest you go streaking, etc. While I'm exaggerating a bit, use this time to shake it out and ask questions you won't ask or tell stories you won't tell. Since you won't see them again, why not use this opportunity to practice and prepare for another great date?

Go to a new place
In the words of Jimmy buffet, "a change in latitude, a change in attitude. Basically, your position can help determine your mood and attitude for better or worse. Changing a new location can have a big impact on dating.

For example, if you find yourself sitting at a table, ordering an appetizer, you can barely hear each other, and it's very cold in the restaurant, you might be afraid of the night ahead. Instead of swallowing it, try going somewhere else for a change. If you're in a bar, go scuba diving. Don't be afraid to mix things up and see if you can make the relationship better.

Make the conversation more interesting
When people meet on a first date, they ask a long list of boring, logical questions: where are you from? What do you do? Where do you live? But none of this is pleasant. I think the first and most important thing you should do is to ask some positive emotional questions. "Instead of" where did you go to college? Ask, "what was the best party you attended in college?" To answer this question, people must think and talk about happy memories.

If you lack conversation on a bad sugar date, you may have to try to come up with something interesting. Are there things in your life that are wonderful, interesting, and amazing? Sure, but did anyone ask you? Probably not. Everyone in every room you're in has had a moment like this, and if someone asks them, they'll be happy to talk about it.

Don't make dinner dates too early
I cannot emphasize this point enough. Personally, I don't think a dinner date should be held before the third date for a variety of reasons. First, it does not have a certain emotional foundation. Sitting face to face, barely touching each other, looking each other in the eye, can be awkward and oddly confrontational. Dinner dates can be long, and if neither you nor the other person is interested in each other, it can feel even longer.

In the first few dates, you should do some activities and usually keep them short. You want to see how this person interacts with the world and the people in the world. There are many things you can do, such as having a cup of coffee, going for a walk, drinking wine in the evening, going to a local board game party, etc.

If you're dating and looking for your potential sugar daddy or sugar baby, you're bound to experience some bad sugar dates. But don't worry, with the tips we've given you, you'll be able to handle these bad sugar dates and have a better sugar daddy-sugar baby date!