How To Choose Your Ideal Sugar Baby Partner?

2020 is coming. Are you still single? Still haven't found your ideal sugar baby? Most single sugar daddies don't really know where they're going to find their ideal sugar baby mate, they're actually using a lousy map with no destination. But before you start reading this article, you should forget that there is no such thing as an ideal companion: at least in the sense that the word ideal is universally understood. The word "ideal" has two meanings, and you have to understand both in order to understand the mistake of using ideals to choose a romantic partner. The first meaning is "to satisfy one's conception of perfection. The second meaning is "ideal or perfect only in the imagination, but unlikely to become reality. Either way, it doesn't help you win a date, so what can you do to find the perfect sugar baby date?

How to choose your ideal sugar baby partner: know what it means to you first
First you need to understand what it means to you. If it doesn't make sense to you, why bother to find the sugar baby you want? In short, most people never go that far. Consider your own dating history: why do you pursue, or wish to pursue, certain ideal partners but not others? Chances are you have a standard of your own, and you haven't perfected it beyond your appearance. It is not so much a question of not having the ideal as of having no idea of what you want. Of course, if you're here, you might not be totally successful on the date. None of this will change without a dialogue with yourself and a period of self-reflection. So, consider two definitions of ideal. "Both have nothing to do with the other person, but with the person who holds the ideal." It is your ideas, your imagination, that define the ideal.

Be flexible in finding the "ideal sugar baby"
If you're a stickler, you'll have fewer options and fewer chances to find a date with sugar baby. If you limit yourself to a small number of specific traits, you may naturally choose to let yourself go extinct. So, it's important not to immediately say "no" to sugar babies who don't quite meet your standards, and you risk missing out on a sugar baby that's almost everything you want. Maybe your supermodel is a bad sugar baby, and an average-looking sugar baby is someone who thinks you're great.

So when you're dating, keep your standards in mind, but keep in mind the problem of pursuing the ideal: it exists only in the imagination, it may be ideal or perfect, but it's unlikely to come true. While you must be alert for red flags, such as active psychosis, you don't want to eliminate someone at will, thereby reducing your chances of finding a date.

In addition, a useful technique to master is to act comfortable on the date yourself, so that you exude an air of confidence that is not only attractive but also makes people less defensive. The worst case scenario is that you spend an hour and a few cups of coffee, but you also improve your dating skills. See each date as an opportunity to hone your skills, perfect your speaking and practice.

What do you want: to create an ideal list of criteria
The first is what kind of sugar baby you want. You want a super beautiful model? Yes, after all, most men like pretty, hot sugar babies, but is that really the trait you value most? Have you actually dated a model? Would you date a sugar baby whose self-worth and income are intrinsically linked to her appearance? When they lose their jobs and you're not dating a model, how do you handle it? Do you have a problem with elegant nudity?

Maybe you say you can live with all these things, but more likely, you're just not thinking outside the box. When you start to think about the questions above, you see, while you may still want to date supermodels, you can help them, you may need to spend some time thinking about what you really want. Therefore, it is helpful to make a list to improve your thinking. What kind of sugar baby do you want? Be specific. Most people would say they want a "good" person. But you should be more precise; What exactly does kindness mean to you? Making a list of features can be a useful technique in this process. Then you'll find it more helpful to keep a to-do list than to sit down and make a static list. As you date, as you talk to people, as you reflect on these experiences, your list of desirable traits will evolve. Documenting these changes can make your search more focused.

Chances are that what seemed important on your first date may not be so important after your 10th date. Not because you feel the cold of despair, but because you are learning. When you write down things that seem important, they disappear when you meet someone who really challenges your assumptions. When you look at how these traits play out in real life, you can see that things that seem trivial or never thought of and have been excluded from your standards have new meaning. For example, you want a sugar baby who pays close attention to you, but you may not survive an encounter with someone who needs to text at some point to feel the need; At the very least, you'll revise your definition of a lot of attention. "You may find the opposite, you may wish for more attention, but the lesson is that your standards will be tested and will evolve.

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