How to Be a Valuable Sugar Baby?

Although you've met and dated your sugar daddy and started dating, if you're trying to learn how to be a valuable sugar baby, I bet it's because one or more sugar daddies you've dated make you feel less valuable. That's why you keep wanting to be valuable. Am I right?

In fact, all women are created equal to men... But from the romantic point of view, not all women are equal in the eyes of men. For men, some women are "not like," some are "average," and some are "oh my god, this woman is amazing. I'm taking her home to meet my parents." But you need to know that these three arbitrary categories of women are not necessarily determined by how you look, there are other intangible qualities that make a woman of high value. If you can position yourself as a valuable woman, he will promise you. He'll love you. So, what should sugar babies do? Don't worry, in this article we will detail how to be a high-value sugar baby.

How to be a high-value sugar baby
You may spend a lot of time looking at what other sugar babies do, appreciating their confidence, their composure, or their charm. But I bet people see you for exactly the same reason! It is easier to see positive qualities in others than in ourselves, for those who are in the loop always look the other way.

So in reality, what I can do is help you improve what you already have... Those beautiful qualities, perhaps you do not see now. So what's the secret to learning how to be a high-value sugar baby in order to better seeking arrangement with a sugar daddy? Just see that you're already one of them! With the help of these principles, you will soon find your own value.

Rule 1: be mysterious about him
Being mysterious will make him want to know more about you. It's not wise to tell your entire life story on the first date. In fact, it shows that you want him to like you. I know many women who simply open up. They are willing to tell a man everything from breaking a leg at the age of two to why they broke up.

But my advice: make a sexy onion, like an onion. He needs to peel away layers of skin slowly to understand what you're really doing. Going too fast will make him cry. Give him a layer here and there when he asks, but let the rest be shrouded in mystery. The same goes for your social life. If he asks you out on a Friday and you're planning to ride your bike and wear a mask with the girls, he doesn't need to know that. Just tell him you have plans and let him know what you're doing.

Rule 2: if he can't see your worth, he's blind
Really, not every man can see your value. You don't have to expend precious energy on these people because they're not right for you. Your value is not diminished by his inability to see you. It is always there. If you waste time with a sugar daddy who treats you like dirt, he won't see you as a high-value, sexy, confident sugar baby. Keep going because there will always be people ahead who will be attracted to your charm.

Rule 3: don't try to show off your value
You may be a little bit successful in some ways, but you really shouldn't brag about yourself to your sugar daddy. Although you are seeking his approval, you need his approval and you want to make a good impression on him. But that's not the way to succeed as a high-value sugar baby. A high-value sugar baby doesn't loudly flaunt her value. Either way, he eventually discovers how successful you are, and all you need to do is say nothing about it. Unless he asks you.

I know you do a lot of amazing things, and I know you have a super cool circle of friends. But don't tell him about it. It will make him feel like you're showing off. Let him find out.

Rule 4: remember, you don't need a man to live your life
Remember, you don't need a man to complete your life, you just need a relationship to complement your already wonderful life.

A man should be a good complement to your world, he should only bring a little color to your life, he should not be a guarantee to make your life complete.

If your life is full of activities and people you like, you won't be desperate to find a boyfriend. When you meet a wonderful man, if you are not always available and are too eager to talk to him, he will speak ill of you. So even if you're passionate about this man, set aside some time for yourself and what you love to do. After all, you still have your friends and interests waiting for you.

Rule 5: don't recognize his value
Maybe the sugar daddy you're dating is a successful professional, an entrepreneur, or even an elite single. The problem with dating a great sugar daddy is that you might not feel great in front of such a great person. What should you do in this case? There are two methods:

You can think you're great, too. Of course you deserve a date with a valuable man. After all, you are also very good and you should attract a good guy.

You can go on and on about how great he is. At first, it might make him a little happier, but after a while, he gets bored. By contrast, he may not find you as valuable.

The point is this: the less you value others, the higher your value will be. If all his praise is for you (or at least that you act like one of them), he'll think you're just as good, if not more. If you're dating an attractive sugar daddy, treat him like a man you've dated before, not a god.

Do you see what I mean by that? I'm not giving you a set mantra for becoming a high-value sugar baby. I'm just giving you principles that you can use to succeed in becoming a high-value sugar baby.