How do you get what you want from a sugar daddy?

If you don't ask for it, you won't get it.

The key to getting what you want from a sugar daddy is to go for it. Whether you're dating a sugar daddy or an elite guy, you have a responsibility to say what you want when it matters to you, and then give someone else a chance to make it happen. If you don't ask for it, chances are you won't get it. If you don't, it's not the potential sugar daddy's fault, it's yours.

The same is true in life, we have to take the initiative to fight for what we want. For example: I ask that my meal at a restaurant be chili-free (I hate it!). ; Or when I can't reach something on a high shelf, I ask for help. When my sugar daddy asks me what would you like to eat tonight, I tell him directly.

Sometimes it's hard to ask for what you want.
I know that sometimes it's hard to ask for what you want, even in simple everyday life. Imagine accepting that overcooked meal you paid $40 for and saying "thank you." "Would you allow the rep to hang up even if she was rude and didn't even answer your questions?" Do you always ask that pushy car salesman to call you instead of waiting for you to call him? The answer is yes, because it's hard to say what you really want.

Now, I encourage you to stop talking nonsense. Not only will this leave you with an unmet need, it will also leave you feeling frustrated and resentful. Yes, as I said above, to get what you want and need in life, asking yourself what you want is crucial, and learning to say it in a friendly and non-threatening way is one of the most powerful tools you can use.

This is the most important thing in a sugar daddy date or relationship.

Do you think he should know how to make you happy?
Maybe ask him to put the steak on the grill for a few more minutes, or move you to a table farther from the kitchen. But how good are you at getting a sugar daddy to do something for you, or not? Do you think he should know everything? Do you ask him to call you instead of text you, or do you ask him to stop chattering and let you share something about yourself? (in a very friendly way, of course.) How nice of you to ask your sugar daddy to move your weekend plans forward so you can plan for the rest of your life or tell him when he makes you feel uneasy, do you want him to? Don't you think you should ask?

One sugar baby from sugar daddy meet site told me that she didn't think she should tell a sugar daddy what she wanted. She's just one of many sugar babies who told me that if a sugar daddy really CARES about you and CARES about you, he should know what she wants. He should know what to do to make her happy. A word (or a few words)... It's not fair to sugar daddies.

Men think differently than women!
If you expect someone completely different to understand what you need to be happy, you are living in a dream world. If you expect this to happen from the first phone call or date, think again! Here are some sugar baby myths:

"He should have asked me for a second date without me asking."

"He should know when to text me."

"He should know it's not polite to kiss me on the first date."

I tell you, honey, it's your unrealistic expectations that have led to hundreds of sugar dates going nowhere. One of sugar daddies' biggest complaints about sugar babies is that they want them to read our minds. They said if they tried to do something wrong, we would punish them, so that's what scared the sugar daddy away.

If sugar daddy knows what you want, he'll do it for you!
If you want to give a sugar daddy the best gift, tell him what makes you happy and let him do it. When a sugar daddy CARES about you or wants to impress you, he wants to do the right thing. He wants you to tell him what you like and what you want. Isn't that what you're looking for... A sugar daddy who wants to make you happy? So if a sugar daddy asks you what you want to do on a date, don't accuse him of being lazy or lazy. Chances are he invited you because he wanted to take you somewhere you felt comfortable and would like. Then when you sit across from him, smile and say, "thank you, I love this place!" "The fellow will be proud!

Remember, dating is about taking responsibility for your actions and results. If you want what you want from a sugar daddy, follow these tips. Learn how to present what you want in a friendly and non-threatening way. This is the best gift you can give a sugar daddy you've met online, a sugar daddy you've been dating for a while, or a sugar daddy you've been dating for a while. Try it on. Let me know how things are going.