Can Divorced Men Get Younger Sugar Babies? is one of the best sugar daddy websites to help sugar daddies and sugar babies seek arrangements and start the perfect sugar date. We're here to help a divorced man take his date up a notch or two. Need help? Come on.

The problem
Here's a question for a divorced man in his early 50s: "it's been a few months since my marriage settled and I'd like to go out again. Specifically, I want to hang out with younger sugar babies. I'm not bad looking, and I have a little disposable income. Can a man like me date a woman in her twenties? What should I do?

The answer to that question
What I'm trying to tell you is that of course you can date an older sugar baby. You want to date that beautiful girl you see every day at the dog park? Or date your new cute young coworker? All of your recent fantasies are based on her? If so, you can go in. You may think there's no chance, but it's perfectly possible.

Research shows that women are more attracted to men with status and experience, while men are less well-rounded. So if you're an older person, you can make up for not being a Jayson yoga teacher in her 20s. You can appeal to women younger than you by virtue of your great clothes, your true career, and the fact that you do have something to say.

If you want a younger sugar baby and you haven't found one, you may just be doing it the wrong way. The basic dating advice for singles also applies to this situation: be confident, wear a decent outfit, and be a slightly better version of yourself. Hard as it sounds, it isn't. All confidence is fake -- confident people don't lack nervousness, they just look away to get a phone number. Men's fashion isn't that hard -- if you don't know how to wear a white Oxford and pants, walk into Brooks brothers and point to a mannequin. Finally, you have a great personality -- you don't need to learn any improved hypnosis, just talk to your date like you would your best friend, except for a few nasty jokes and more positive conversations.

That's basically it. But I have a more important question for you. That's why you're dating a young sugar baby? Why is this what you want now, after your divorce? What's wrong with women your age, or a few years younger? I'm not trying to embarrass you. I admit, of course, that the young sugar babies are great, they have energy and youth. It's more attractive to you. A lot of guys get criticized for dating young women, and I don't want to criticize you directly. There is nothing shameful about any consensual relationship between legal adults. I just want you to do a little bit of soul-searching to make sure you get what you want out of it.

Specifically, you need to know what you want in the relationship and not play games. People in their early 20s, male or female, are certainly immature -- unformed. Either they are overconfident, totally neurotic and insecure, or they swing quickly between these two extremes. Full of false enthusiasm and false anger. And often not sure what they want. You have to be prepared for what's going to happen.

If you meet a young sugar baby on a sugar baby dating website and hit it off, she'll probably get a lot of cool stuff out of it. You're probably doing better in bed than her peers because, well, you've been married before, and you know how to do it. You can take her to a nice restaurant where you know what wine to order and how to use a salad fork. In return, you get the kind of bright, shiny energy that no one at your age has. You will see the wonder and dazzle of the imagination.

But beyond that, what you're most likely to miss is the depth of your relationships with your peers. 20-year-olds have no idea how to cope with the stress of a real job, or the devastation of aging, or the complexity of a family. They will not struggle with the great realities of humanity and give up some of their dreams as you do. You won't have a lot of deep communication with them, after all, the age gap is there. But if you want harmless fun, enjoy harmless fun. But if you're in pain right now because you find dating a young sugar baby tiring, end it quickly.

We live in a youth-obsessed society, so as men, we are told that falling in love with a lovely young woman is basically the best thing that can happen to you in your life. And, unfortunately, while young women may be great, they're just average. No one is the perfect sex goddess, she can change your life. You can't go to Cartagena on the weekend with a barista and drink from the fountain of youth and rejuvenate forever.

A divorced sugar daddy from sugar daddy wants to tell the story of him and his sugar baby Anna: "I can't be mean to Anna. She was intelligent, affectionate, careful, and took everything I said seriously. Actually, a little too serious. Whenever we talked about the future, or about work, she would immediately agree with me. I'm not a persuasive genius. I know, she wants to make me happy, but as an adult, she doesn't have much time to fill her thought bubble, which I think is not good. We never debated or discussed. She simply appreciated me. As much as I enjoyed listening to myself and watching her nod, it was strange. I miss having a girlfriend my age who contradicts me and argues with me at the right time. So in the end, we broke up. Although I was lucky enough to meet a cute sugar baby. But it wasn't the kind of luck I needed. Of course, maybe you're completely different and all you need is a quick roll with someone half your age. But, on the other hand, once your fantasy comes true, you may feel disappointed. So, seriously, it's up to you to date a young sugar baby, but it might be a good idea, don't you think?