Best Sugar Daddy SDM Dating Profile Examples - What Works And What Doesn't(Part 1)?

SDM ( is the world's largest sugar daddy dating site, and it's a straight sugar daddy dating site for wealthy male sugar daddies and female sugar babies. It has been online for over a decade, since its inception in 2007. The slogan of is "Sugar Makes Life Sweeter". It claimed 1.3 million approved users as of December 2015, with daily active users over 500K+. The membership composition of is approximately 25% sugar daddies and 75% sugar babies. It has enjoyed tremendous success in terms of helping over hundreds of thousands sugar daddies and sugar babies find mutually beneficial relationships since 2007.

The downside is, since the site is free to register, you'll find plenty of examples of exactly what not to do in your sugar daddy personal profile. From the main photo to the text of the profile. Now let's take a look at what's happening on SDM and I'll show you what you can do with your profile to make sure you end up getting a date, unlike the guys who failed!

* Note - to make this as realistic as possible, I just logged into SDM and did a random search. I've found some of them may be good examples of personal sugar daddy data, some of them may be terrible, but I'll use my experience to help you write a better dating profile yourself. Before a sugar baby sees your profile, she'll see your thumbnails in her search. I'll give you some examples so we can see what makes these dating photos so bad.

Mistake # 1: wearing sunglasses in the photo. If you want someone to click on your personal sugar daddy dating profile, it's not a good first impression. Wearing sunglasses can make you seem aloof and unapproachable, and can send a very bad signal to potential partners. You also give people a sense of doubt, are you a liar? So you're covering your eyes?

Correct: even if you wear sunglasses in your photos, if you have some photos that are smiling, it will attract some interest. Maybe you can tell a story about someone who enjoys being outdoors, put up a photo that shows you like hiking (unlike most people say in their profiles), and that you're active. At the same time, don't take a selfie, which tells others that you may have friends. It doesn't matter if you don't really smile, because you can reveal something else about yourself that is true.

Mistake # 2: selfies in cars. We have a horrible example of a car taking a selfie. Many people delude themselves into thinking that car selfies are great because they provide good lighting. Sadly, they're still selfies, and they almost always look bad. One of the biggest problems with selfies is the smile, or lack thereof. It pulls your attention away from the photo when you have to focus on it. As a result, you almost never look relaxed and your smile is never natural.

Correct: in general, I wouldn't recommend wearing a hat on your main photo. It makes people think you're losing your hair and try to cover it up. In other words, the hatless picture is good. For example, I found that some of the biggest ways to show sugar daddies are smiling, making relaxed eye contact, and pulling the camera far enough away. There is a warm atmosphere in his photos, which will make many sugar babies want to see what he wrote.

Mistake # 3: full body shots. Some of the failures I found were relying on full-body photos taken next to fire engines. In fact, you shouldn't use full-body photos as your thumbnails. This is the worst service, you're so small, people can't see your face. It doesn't make people click on you to see more, it just makes them move on to the next game.

Correct: try to get your lens as close to a straight line as possible. We start with the Angle, and there are a lot of selfies with the wrong Angle. Many people like to see it from above with their cameras. The problem is it makes you look small. It also explains why full-body photos should not be used as thumbnails. It makes you so small that people can't see your face. It doesn't make people click on you to see more.

Mistake # 4: slouching photos. This kind of picture tells others that the person in the picture lacks confidence. If you shut your mouth and slouch, you come across as someone who thinks highly of himself. Especially when you add in his bandanna and Bluetooth headset, you realize that he doesn't really care how he presents himself. Sugar babies don't expect you to be on the cover of GQ magazine, but they do want you to look like you've never worked in a kitchen for 12 hours.

Correct: confident photos. I've had a lot of clients tell me that they don't have other photos of themselves. They told me on the phone, which has a built-in camera. If you don't have good photos, get a friend to help you. If you're not sure what to take, check out SugarDaddyMeet!

Mistake # 5: there are a lot of things that can make your profile photo a bad photo. Such as no smile, the picture is very dark, look very unhappy and so on. Here's a classic example of a mirror taking a selfie. Mirror selfies are never a good idea. When people see your first picture, you're not wearing a hoodie. Chances are you think a hoodie makes you look mysterious, but it doesn't. This will only make you look like someone who wants to look mysterious. If you don't look happy, you will never attract anyone's interest. After all, who wants to be around a negative person?

Correct: of course, selfies are ok, as long as you're in the right place. You've got a great smile, you've got a great posture, you've got your head back a little bit so we can see beyond your head. This could be a great first date photo if you zoom out far enough to bring it all the way to his chest.

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Now let's move on to the example of the best sugar daddy SDM dating profile - what works and what doesn't?-- Part 2! If you need help with your dating profile, feel free to contact me on our contact page, or you can learn more about our sugar daddy dating profile writing service by joining us.