7 Ways To Spot A Sugar Daddy With Commitment Phobia!

Maybe you've been dating a sugar daddy through some sugar daddy dating sites for a while, and here are some things you're uncomfortable about him... You really find yourself wanting more from your relationship with the sugar daddy -- you want more from him. However, "is he a commitment-phobia?" If this is a question you've been thinking about for a while, this article is for you. Here are 7 ways to spot a commitment-phobic sugar daddy early on...

1. He break his word.
This is the most obvious sign! If he often breaks his word, let alone promises. Sugar daddies who often break promises, especially big ones, are not to be trusted. For example, he agrees to meet your friend, but then backtracks at the last minute, etc. I say again, sugar daddies who break their word to you are not worth it. This means not only that he is afraid of commitment, but also that he is absolutely untrustworthy.

What about small commitments? How do you define big or small commitments? Obviously, less important commitments might be some kind of commitment, like being on time for an appointment; Make sure to go to bed early; Promise to contact you and so on. These commitments are not important to me, but they may be important to you. Everyone has a different definition of size. What seems important to me may seem trivial to you. So get to know yourself. Set your own boundaries and make sure your sugar daddy respects them, not forces them. When you allow him to push your boundaries, he loses respect for you! So set limits for yourself and him.

2. He is over 35, but he is not married yet.
Although sugar daddies are mostly older, wealthy men, it is normal for many sugar daddies to be unmarried even though they are over 35. Sugar daddies over 35 who are still casually dating or in and out of relationships are likely to enjoy single life and want their own space and freedom, not a serious relationship. There are exceptions, of course, where men spend the first 35 years of their lives completely focused on building a career, and then, after a successful career, they focus on finding a girlfriend and furthering the relationship. You're lucky if you encounter these exceptions, but don't count on it!

3. None of his relationships last more than a year.
As mentioned above, sugar daddies, often in and out of relationships, just scream, "I'm afraid of commitment! I'm afraid to take girls seriously! "You don't want to be a filler for his periodic loneliness. Don't fall into that trap! Don't dream of being a special girl, and don't expect you to change how he feels about a long-term relationship. Well, if you insist on making your fantasy come true, all I can tell you is that it's impossible. I'm sorry.

4. He has a long relationship (more than 5 years) and never plans to propose to any of his girlfriends.
He may have told you himself, or you may have stumbled on it. He was in a serious, long-term relationship, but he never wanted to settle down with any of those women. Especially if the ex-girlfriends are good women of marriageable age, then there's only one reason he didn't marry them -- he didn't want to. When he tells you the reason is "she's not right for you" or "the timing is wrong," don't believe it 100%. If the ex wasn't the one, or the timing wasn't right, then why did he take her so long? Most likely, he liked the girls very much, but he just didn't want to get married at that time because he was afraid he couldn't explain it. This fear may be the fear of commitment!

5. He won't introduce you to his friends or family.
Note that this does not apply to hookups. I know sugar daddies who take you home from the start and introduce you to their friends on your second date. The question is, how many sugar daddies are like this? Before he tells the world he's dating this girl, most men (and many women) need to feel comfortable and secure with their new partner and the prospect of your relationship. Some people may take three months to get there, others two weeks. However, if you both agree that your relationship is casual, then you should not expect him to introduce you to his inner circle. If you're really interested in the sugar daddy you're dating, you might want to meet his friends or family, but he still hasn't introduced you to his friends or his closest family, find out why. It is essential to understand the root cause of why he does not share this important part of his life with you. No good reason = not serious about you/no vision for your future.

6. He gives the golden excuse: "I'm a very private person."
There are times when sugar daddies will tell you that. In this article, I will quote some important things you should pay attention to:

A) when you ask to use his mobile phone or personal computer (for good reason, not because you want to check on him).

B) when you ask why you've been dating so long and haven't seen his family yet.

C) when you ask why you can't visit him at his home.

D) when you ask him why his Facebook dating status is still "single".

When a sugar daddy answers any of these questions/scenarios, don't believe him. Yes, he may be a very private person, but you are his sugar baby now, and he is responsible for you when the situation demands it. His need for privacy means his fear of something. I hope you finally understand this fear so that your relationship with your sugar daddy can improve. Let's just hope that fear of something isn't "fear of commitment."

7. He doesn't contact you often.
If a sugar daddy doesn't call you often, there's something wrong. If he calls you when he wants to, that means every few days. If the longest he hasn't called you is a week, or worse, longer, then you really need to pay attention. Look, if a sugar daddy really likes you and wants to take your relationship to the next level, he'll call you at least every other day. Now, I'm not talking about long-distance relationships, or the bouts of one of you on a business trip. I'm talking about normal relationships. If your sugar daddy can't promise to call or text you every other day, why do you think he promises to give you his heart? Be smart, ladies! Communication is the key to relationships. When a sugar daddy doesn't even want to give you the keys (that is, don't talk to you often), the relationship is less likely to grow the way you want it to.

If the sugar daddy you're seeing or dating meets at least 3 of the above 7 criteria, he's probably a commitment phobia. Through our article, having this new knowledge means you can make better decisions in your current sugar relationship. Understand that commitment is not a compulsion, but a motivator. Inspire it now! If you don't know where to find a sugar daddy, join a professional sugar daddy dating site.

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