6 Tips to Accompany Your Sugar Daddy on a Business Trip!

Have you met your sugar daddy and are ready to accompany him on his first business trip? After all, as we all know, sugar daddies are successful rich older men who travel a lot, and probably on your first date. Yes, you're in luck, because your sugar daddy invites you to go on a business trip with him, and he pays for everything for you, like airfare, accommodation, meals and even shopping. It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Of course you will say "yes", but before you do, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly. After all, you want more travel and perks with sugar daddy, right? Here's what you need to know about traveling with sugar daddy!

You need to be careful in public. Your sugar daddy doesn't like his co-workers or anyone else knowing he has a sugar baby. So, he may want you to introduce yourself as a friend and act like one. But at home, you two don't have to shy away from holding hands or touching each other.

It could be the other way around. Maybe you two haven't shown closeness in your hometown because you're afraid to meet your friends in public, but now that you're in a different city, that view may change. When you're walking around the city with him, sit down and talk to him or get a feel for his body language.

Get close to your sugar daddy
Try to get close to your sugar daddy and show your best self to his friends and colleagues. Your sugar daddy may have work events and parties to attend, and he'll want you to be his right-hand man. So figure out what type of events these are and package them accordingly. Is this a theme party? For example, black and white, carnival, 1980s and so on. Also make sure you know the restaurant you're going to. Your sugar daddy is more like a dive bar guy, where you can wear casual street clothes, or he likes better things, the two of you will eat in an upscale five-star restaurant.

Always add value
Smart sugar babies know how to add value to their sugar daddies. After all, most sugar daddies are business people who value everything. In the context of traveling with your sugar daddy, you can simply find something fun and enjoyable to do. Your SD probably doesn't have time to do it on its own, and that's where your value lies.

For example, know your sugar daddy's hobbies, such as what sights he wants to see on this business trip? Want to taste the food? Even though it's a business trip, your sugar daddy wants to have fun, and not just for work. It takes effort.

Keep your schedule flexible
Your sugar daddy is a busy man and his schedule can fluctuate, so be prepared to work with his schedule. Most of the day will be spent at work, so don't expect him to spend it with you. Maybe he wants to have lunch together and then go back to work. You want to make sure that you have time to have dinner with him and arrange your schedule according to his schedule. After all, he gave you this experience.

Quality and time go together
Most of the time, your sugar daddy takes you on a business trip so that when the work is done, he can have someone to keep him company and not be alone. But you need to focus on quality and time, and if you really like the sugar daddy, that's good news, because that time will bring you closer together. But if you can't stand traveling with this sugar daddy, don't waste your time looking for the next high-quality sugar daddy.

Remember, on the road, you may spend the whole day with him, or at least half the day with him, rather than the usual evening dates or hours at home with him.

Know your point
Although you and your sugar daddy are on a business trip, unlike a real vacation, your sugar daddy's first priority is not to spoil you on the trip, so you should know what the priorities are. He takes you with him on business trips so that he can have company when he's not dealing with business.

You should know your priorities -- your sugar daddy is still your number one priority. When he is busy with his work, you can do whatever you want, but when he needs to relax, you should be by his side.

Now that you've found your sugar daddy, you probably can't avoid traveling with him. Unless you don't want to or your sugar daddy won't take you, keep looking for the next sugar daddy.