6 Signs That Show A Sugar Daddy Totally Into You!

When you find your sugar daddy through some sugar dating websites or apps, you are in a sugar daddy spiral. So, you really want to know: does my sugar daddy really like me? This question is hard to answer, but you can find out by looking at some signs whether he really likes your answer. Do you have to count the petals over and over again, he likes me...He doesn't like me...In this case, the old trick of pulling petals may not work. Don't worry, baby. I'll help you.

1. Watch his eyes
Eyes are our second mouth, and they should work when you're trying to tell if sugar daddies like you. Notice if your sugar daddy looks at you with his eyes as you speak and makes you feel cared about? Will his eyes follow yours as you walk towards him? Does he often wink at you, as if mesmerized by your immense beauty?

The study found that people's pupils dilate when they see a picture of someone they like. Whether they wear clothes or not, the result is the same. So, even if you're fully dressed, look into his eyes to see if they're big, dark saucers. If so, he must like you.

2. Watch his body language
Watch his body language when you're dating him. Sugar daddies have their own way of expressing their interest. For example, does he approach you when you talk? Does he look at you fondly? Does he make excuses to touch your arm or hair? If so, these are all signs that he likes you! So the next time you want to know if he likes you, don't bother and pay attention to his body language. He may not use words, but his body language tells you everything.

3. He treats you differently than he treats others
Maybe you're not sure if he feels differently about you, so pay attention to how he treats people and how he treats you, and see if there's a difference .If he hugs you when he sees you, does he hug anyone else? Does he spend more time with you than anyone else? Does he get in touch with you often? Will he take you to some secret base? If he treats you differently than everyone else, he sees you as a different person. He might like you. If you still can't see the difference, ask someone how they feel about how they treat you, or even ask them to talk to him about how he feels.

4. He gets nervous in front of you
If he gets nervous around you, he likes you. It's natural for a man who likes you to show a little nervous behavior. Maybe he's nervous and barely says anything around you. He may ignore you in a crowd, but he always gives you the glad eye. Maybe he spilled his drink while talking to you. Maybe he often looks at you in a daze. If you think he has these abnormal behaviors, the answer is obvious: he likes you.

5. He touches you and wants to be touched
Any man who gives you an excuse to touch him is attracted to you .If he doesn't like you, he won't touch you or invite you to touch him because he's afraid you're misreading his signals. But now what about this guy? He specifically sends out these signals so you can read them correctly!

When he touches you, he may touch you tentatively, in a polite way. When you open a door for him, he may touch your back. He might tell you that you have a loose eyelash on your cheek and "remove" it. He may press his leg against yours. These touches aren't blatant, but they still convey his feelings for you. If you like him, make the most of the whole touching thing. If he says his shoulders are tight, pinch them. Touch his arm and ask how often he exercises. Touch = a man's confidence, so give him a healthy dose!

6. Listen to what he's saying
I know, it is not easy to keep calm in front of the person you like, you may be so nervous that you don't pay attention to what he says, but you should pay attention. Because in addition to listening to someone is a common courtesy, you can also tell from what he says whether he really likes you or not.

For example, he might say, wow, you look great in that dress! Does he say you look good, or does he say something else about you? Attention! It's easy for women to brush off a compliment because they think it's just a compliment. But stop and think about what he said, accept it and say thank you. Here's where you have to trust me: men don't compliment women they don't like. If he's complimenting you, it's because he's really interested in you. If he's paying attention, it's clear he's interested.

Also, notice if what he says is a bit boastful. This may be because he wants you to notice him and his general charm. Now, there's a fine line between a guy who just wants you to know something cool about him and a guy who's a total narcissist, so use your judgment to figure out who he is. Similitude - attraction theory holds that opposites attract rather than attract. So, if this guy points out all the things you have in common, there's a reason: he's attracted to you!

If he says, yes, I'm not doing anything this weekend...Most people won't admit their calendars are blank, so he's clearly letting you know he's available. He may not be sure if you are interested in him, so he hasn't formally asked you out yet. But what are you waiting for? You are a sexy, confident woman, so you can do this.

Now that the question of whether he likes you is settled, your next question is likely to be: what am I supposed to do now? My advice is that you should be brave enough to take the first step, because it's not easy to find a sugar daddy you like, especially among the many sugar daddy meet websites where sugar babies outnumber sugar daddies. So respond with your own interest. Make sure your body language communicates your interest. Make sure you don't look around the room while talking to him. Make sure to lean forward and smile when he speaks. All in all, the above also applies to showing your sugar daddy that you like him.