4 Signs Your Sugar Relationship Won't Make It Through The Holidays!

As for the relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies, since most sugar babies are college students, they often go on vacation. Holidays, in particular, can be the busiest season for couples and the most stressful time for a sugar relationship.Of course, it's even more nerve-racking when you think about telling everyone you met through an online sugar daddy dating site. But don't worry, we have some tips to help you get through the holidays.

1. Why are holiday breakups so common
While you might see wedding rings on vacation, or travel to a foreign country to form a lifelong friendship with your partner, if your partner decides to break up under the mistletoe, the time of year filled with laughter is bleak at best.In fact, many celebrations can highlight and emphasize loneliness.In addition to releasing and mourning your relationship, you also face the challenges of facing it head on.If it's a long-term relationship coming to an end, giving up on the traditions and expectations of the past few years can make breaking up more difficult.Having to go to a party alone, as a 'companion' or role model, or in the middle of the night on New Year's eve, not knowing who you're going to be with can exacerbate anxiety and loss.Even if the sugar relationship is less formal, and even if you only spend a short amount of time together, giving up on the expectation of their first vacation as a couple is another hurdle to overcome.

2. Why are holiday breakups so common
While breakups are a common part of life, and the end of a relationship can make a person miserable at any time of the year, they usually occur more frequently during the holidays.Because there will be other attractive people around you during the holidays and you are considering new changes, couples may be more picky than usual.Especially since the holidays are a time to reunite with family and close friends, couples who already feel separated or estranged from each other may choose to break up early to avoid the discomfort of having to 'fake it.'It's a natural time of year to reflect on the state of our lives, and to make adjustments in areas that don't bring the satisfaction and contentment we want.

Some psychologists have done research that finds that the atmosphere of the holiday really influences a person's decision making and relates his or her longing for the traditions of the past.If you don't see your future with your sugar baby, or if you don't feel connected to them, you're more likely to end up in chaos.If one is not interested in continuing to stay in touch with or interested in his or her partner, the vacation may end up feeling empty and unfulfilled for one or both of them.That's why holiday breakups are so common.

3. Signs that you're about to break up over the holidays
Here are some signs that you're about to break up over the holidays, and identifying them in advance may help you cope.

Sign 1: even good times can turn into fights.

While you may feel crazy on vacation, the best part of being in a relationship is having a safe place where you can rest, relax and recharge.If sitting on the couch together watching a special holiday movie turns into another argument, you may be in trouble.If every decision you make, whether it's when to eat dinner or what movie to watch, turns into an argument, you're entering a zone where it doesn't matter.Cooperation, understanding and friendship are key to a sustainable partnership.This should not be a battlefield.

If you really want to save your sugar relationship and get it working, it's recommended that you take a break from your chaotic vacation and do something you've been enjoying.Maybe it's going to your favorite bar, or taking a long drive on a park road -- whatever it is, use that time to get back to where you started and reestablish the reasons you chose each other in the first place.

Sign 2: you can't save face in front of your family.

Since sugar relationships are still considered shameful by some, it's likely that you won't be able to act like a normal couple in front of your family.This is a bad sign, especially if you're too dissatisfied to turn things around.Disrespect at family gatherings can be another terrible sign, and losing face in front of loved ones is a form of public humiliation that can be horribly destructive.

If you find that your relationship has broken down, it may be time to have a tough conversation and see if you're willing to make room for the holidays with your family.While this may not bode well for your relationship, it may be the only thing that can save it.

Sign 3: you're not willing to compromise.

Do you spend most of your vacation saying "no" to things you don't need to do at all?Another key factor is definitely compromise: you can schedule some of her activities, but you may have to skip some of your own, and vice versa.If you're both reluctant to let go, you'll be fighting over your plans every week.In fact, if one or both parties feel guilty about constantly blaming, nagging, or using power manipulation tactics, you're in a danger zone.If one partner spends 100% of their time fulfilling their own needs without considering or respecting what is good for the other, this behavior will eventually take the luster out of the relationship.

So here's my advice: make a list of all the events you're invited to.Don't leave out any details -- even the shopping hours of the people you care about.Then you can go through each one and find out what you want to do together, which ones you can do alone, and which ones you both want to skip.Especially in the early stages of your relationship -- less than a year of dating -- it's important to embrace your first vacation with new traditions.

4. If you want to break up, what should you consider
You may have put it off too long, or you may have to rethink your priorities and commitments before the New Year, but if you want to pull the plug, be careful.Ending a meaningful relationship spontaneously is not a smart idea.Instead, it's important to express your dissatisfaction and the problem you're solving as soon as possible so you can give both of you a fighting chance.

You should have a dialogue about your grievances so you can work together to resolve them.Although the breakup may be one-sided, it should be done as a couple before the breakup.If it doesn't work out, think about breaking up.

While we've given you a few of the above tips, the best we can give you is this: be present, be kind, and be yourself.You may encounter obstacles and have awkward conversations, but it's natural for things like this.You and the sugar baby from sugar daddy dating apps or websites are sure to have a romantic sugar date trip. Good luck!


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